Short Row Shaping
If you have finished the knit side of the neck, you will need to break the yarn and reattach it on the edge of the other side of the sweater.
Otherwise....Work up to the row where the neck shaping begins. One side of the neck opening and shoulder will be worked at a time.

The visible wrap stitches must be eliminated on the first row when finishing the neck -
Hiding the Wraps

Purl-Row Shaping
Purl across to the neck opening.
Purl-Row Shaping 1 Purl-Row Shaping 2
1) With the yarn in front, slip the
next stitch purlwise.
2) Move the yarn between the
needles to the back.
Purl-Row Shaping 3 Purl-Row Shaping 4
3) Slip the same stitch back to
the left needle.
4) Turn the work, bringing yarn to
the purl side between the needles.
Purl-Row Shaping 5
5) Slip the stitches to be placed
on hold onto the circular needle.

Knit back to the sleeve edge, using the needle with the working stitches and the circular needle. Continue shaping the neck in this manner, following steps 1-4.

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